Why Do Some People Fail to Make Money Online?

It’s unfortunately a fact, of everyone that tries to make money online – most fail and walk away. This industry just isn’t for everyone.

Everyone has a different story, everyone does things differently, I however do believe there are some common reasons and causes.

Failure to Take Action (or enough action) – Unfortunately many people tend to spent tons of time thinking, over thinking and trying to learn. It is good to do research and read blogs and other affiliate marketing resources, but some people spend too much time doing this and never actually dive in. You will ALWAYS learn much more when doing something than just reading about it! Some people don’t take enough action, they will try a few campaigns and that will be it, unfortunately that isn’t enough – part of this might be due to having un-realistic expectations.

Giving Up Too Early – This can happen both with campaigns and with your affiliate marketing/internet marketing business. When launching campaigns, whether it’s free or paid, you need to allocate enough time to get data. This happens a fair bit with paid campaigns, people get scared of losing money and end up pausing or stopping campaigns without getting enough data to evaluate if the campaign could actually be a winner or loser. The same goes with giving up too early and just quitting without trying enough campaigns, some people will try a few campaigns and if they don’t find success, they just pack it in and quit. This again might just be un-realistic expectations.

To set reasonable expectations – you will have campaigns that will fail. Actually, most campaigns will likely fail. This is something that you will need to accept if you want to try to make it in this industry. If you can accept this and stick with it, you can make a ton of money!

It’s great if you network and connect with people in the industry, this can often help you find motivation when you are down.