List of PPV/CPV Networks

Here is a list of the some of the most well known PPV Networks. I have put them in order of how I feel they are (from Best to Worst)

Trafficvance – Trafficvance is by far the king of PPV networks. They have the highest quality traffic and the most US traffic. Over the past few years they have also been making a strong push into international traffic and their blah is constantly growing. The downside is you need a $1000 minimum deposit to join, after the initial deposit, future deposits are $500. Trafficvance used to require a referral to get in, they no longer require this.

50onRed 50onRed is “new comer” to this list, but they have quickly risen to near the top of the list. Their initial deposit of $500 makes them a popular choice for those looking to get their feet wet with PPV traffic.  After the initial deposit, future deposits are only $100 minimum.

Rapsio – Their initial deposit is $1000, they are a good network to work with, but I just wish they had more traffic.

Lead Impact – Lead Impact recently raised their minimum initial deposit to $1000, this was a move in my opinion to attempt to increase quality. After the initial deposit, future deposits start at $20.

Mediatraffic – Mediatraffic used to be near the top of this list, unfortuntely over the years the quality of their traffic has gone down. They are still worth a mention as they are better than some networks. Their minimum deposit is $200.

Adon Network – AdOn network is a very cheap network. I haven’t checked in a while but the last I checked, their minimum deposit was only $20.

DirectCPV – I am personally not a fan of these guys, I don’t even want to mention their name. They are known for poor quality traffic and unethical practices. I do not recommend using them.

Clicksor – This is a very low quality network, I recommend staying away from these guys.