Landing Pages – What are they and why do you Need Them?

When people are just starting out, they are often suffering from information overload and it’s understandable.

So what is a landing page? Think of it as a middleman between your traffic source and the merchants/offer page. At first when people hear this, many will think this is just another step to lose conversions, however when a landing page is crafted correctly, it can dramatically increase conversions.

One analogy that I feel is very true, think is a landing page as a salesman for your offer. The whole point of a traditional landing page is to help pre-sell on your offer, it’s to help identify all the features and talk your visitors into why they NEED to purchase the product/offer you are promoting.

Think of it like this, if you are in the market for a new computer and walk into a store and look at the computers yourself, there is a chance you might buy. If you go in and a salesman greets you, answers all of your questions and helps convince you which one meets what you want, you are more likely going to buy. You need to think of a landing page like this.

Also, when thinking of content for a landing page, keep thinking of it as a salesman for your offer/product. What a good salesman will do is listen to your questions, answer all of your questions, control the discussion and point you in the direction which suits you best. Now turning this into a landing page can be difficult and intimidating. One way to think of this, put yourself in the visitors shoes, think of what questions they may have and figure out how to proactively answer them. What concerns will they have? How can you address these concerns to make them feel confident in your offer/product? What hesitations will they have? How can you relieve these hesitations? How can the visit benefit from this product/offer?

These are just some suggestions. Keep in mind, everyone has a different strategy for landing pages.

Keep in mind, a landing page isn’t the same as a squeeze page, we will go into that later though.

I strongly recommend that everyone starts working on building landing pages, if you are struggling with how to create them, read this page on creating landing pages.