How To Sign Up With TrafficVance

(*** Note Trafficvance has now been renamed to Propel Media ***)

Trafficvance used to be a very intimidating traffic source to sign up to. They used to require 1 referrals in addition to a $1000 USD (min) deposit. At one point they even starting asking for 2 referrals to join.

The upside with this difficult application process is it created a barrier of entry which helped keep the quality high. This was actually good for everyone, it helped keep costs reasonable and kept publishers and advertisers happy.

I’ve also been advised that they no longer require a referral and they’ve opened up their system to even more people. They however still require the $1000 USD minimum deposit.

We personally really like Trafficvance for their US traffic and still find them one of the best PPV traffic providers (RTX Platform is very close as well).

If you are interested in applying to work with Trafficvance, just click on the sign up link of their main page and follow their application process. Just make sure you have the $1000 deposit ready to go for when you’re approved.