The Best Affiliate Marketing Paid Subscription Forum

This might not be an “age old question”, but it’s a very important one. What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Paid Subscription Forum?

There are tons of them out there. Personally, I feel that if you are looking for a paid affiliate marketing forum you should look at one that has been around a while. You don’t want to join a “fly by night” forum. We’ve seen enough of those and don’t need to see anymore.

Personally, we prefer Aff Playbook. They have been around for 8+ years now and have helped trained thousands of eager affiliates such as yourself.

Aff Playbook focuses on relevant new traffic sources and monetization techniques to help people make money in today’s world. The affiliate marketing world adapts quickly and so does Aff Playbook. Hundreds of success stories cannot be wrong.

Aside the history, David Ford (the owner off Aff Playbook) is a stand up guy. His mission is to do whatever it takes to help you become successful. He is constantly on the Aff Playbook forum all hours of the day and night doing whatever he can to help people. Aside from David, Aff Playbook is also full of tons of others that help and give advice as well. They have a group called “The Faculty” that provide amazing insight and advice on a number of topics.

With all this aside, many networks, traffic sources, super affiliates, tracking companies and more are members as well and frequently give advice and provide help.

I haven’t even mentioned the hundreds of amazing tools that Aff Playbook offers. If you have an affiliate marketing tool need, they have you covered! From url and keyword scrapers to landing page builders, they have it all and it’s all included with your membership with no additional fees.

If you’re looking for a paid affiliate marketing forum, Aff Playbook is the best choice.