Getting over the fear of failure

Let’s face it. No one likes failure. Unfortunately the path to success often comes from many failures.

There are many places for failure in the affiliate/internet marketing industry. People fear failure by being rejected by affiliate networks, people fear failure that their campaigns won’t work, etc.

I don’t like failure anymore than yourself, but at the same time, it is a fact of life, we need to learn how to deal with it and move on.

Let’s take a look at the common fears of failure with internet/affiliate marketing.

Fear of failure for being rejected by affiliate networks – When applying to an affiliate network (such as Maxbounty and Peerfly), applications are reviewed and not everyone is accepted into every network. It’s not that the networks are being mean or trying to keep people out, they are doing there best to ensure they have good quality affiliates which will help maintain the relationship with the merchants they work with. If you apply and get rejected, don’t worry, just move on and apply to another network, there is no point in dwelling. If possible, try to find out why they rejected you, often they will give a reason. If the reason is legitimate, try to do something to change that so that when you apply to the next network you have a better chance at success.

Moving on to the fear of failure (and losing money) on campaigns. I don’t like to lose money anymore than you do. I try not looking at it as losing money. When starting a campaign, I look at it as buying data, opposed to losing money. Every campaign I run, I need to start by buying data to see if this is something that I think can be profitable. We also need to remember that not every campaign will be successful, in fact – most will be failures. However at the end of the day, once you find a successful one, it should drown out the failures. Don’t forget to keep reminding yourself of why you started, your vision and goals should be able to drown out the fear and emotion of failure.

We all deal with failure and rejection, don’t let it define you. Overcome it and remember why you are here.