From Zero to Hero to… Coach?

I’ve seen an interesting trend lately mostly on Facebook. People who are struggling with affiliate marketing, internet marketing, making money online, etc one week. Then the next week they find success (good for them). Then the next week they are offering 1-on-1 training and coaching.

I am by no means a “hater”, I am very happy to see people find success in this industry, this is one of the reasons why this site was started – to help others as I strongly feel the more we help each other, the better off we are.

The challenge I see with this is if someone is just starting out, I don’t think they should be offering and charging for 1-on-1 training and/or coaching. Like anything in life, experience does help and come into play. If you need to have heart surgery, would you want to have someone who just graduated and did their first week the previous week? or would you rather have a doctor who has years of experience? I personally would rather the experience.

I am by no means saying that someone who just found success has nothing to offer, I just think that it’s too premature to be offering paid training. At this stage when you find success, in my opinion you should focus on networking with other affiliates. Take your success and compare it with others, learn from others and share your experiences with others. This will make you and whoever you network with better!

I also recommend to everyone, when looking at someone to be a mentor, training, coach, etc – make sure they have experience. Everyone is different, campaigns that work for 1 person don’t always work with another.¬†Good coaches and trainers will recognize this and show people multiple strategies and ways to make money, they can do this as they likely have experience behind them and know several different ways to find success.

Also, until you have been through some adversity such as your top campaign being shut down, a network not paying, etc – you haven’t learned much! You will learn more when these things happen than at any other point. If your coach or mentor hasn’t been through this, how are they going to help you?

Again, I’ll ask – if tomorrow you needed to have heart surgery, would you want to have someone who just graduated do it, or would you rather someone who has performed the procedure many times do it?