Connect with Your Audience – Tell a Story

Who doesn’t like a good story? People tend to spend tons of time reading stories on websites, blogs, social media sites, etc.

If you want to engage your visitors or audience, tell them a story! If you want to engage them even more, tell them a story that they can relate to!

Think about it, for example, if you are looking to lose weight per say and you stumble across a website. How engaged are you if you are reading a small article on “losing weight”, it can be pretty boring. No one wants to hear how you actually need to eat healthy and exercise, that’s boring!

However, if I were to tell you a story of a person who lost weight by doing something special, it might be a little more engaging, it sounds a little more fun than just reading about losing weight.

Now, take it to the next level. If I tell you a story of a person JUST LIKE YOU, that struggled time and time again to lose weight, that tried dieting, exercising, but it just didn’t work. Until they tried this miracle cure, then they lost all the weight and they are living happily ever after. Just remember, they were just like you, in your exact shoes, they did exactly what you did. If you do exactly what they did, you will find success!

Now losing weight might not relate to you, I hope you understand the context which I am trying to get at. You want to relate to your audience and to your visitors. You want them to feel like you understand them and/or you were in the same place they are in now.

Keep in mind, you should be unethical and tell fake stories or flat out lies. You should be finding ways to relate to your audience to engage them. Find different ways to relate to them and show them the connection between them and you.