Why Everyone Needs a Coach/Mentor


Often when people think of a coach or mentor, they think of it as a negative. Generally when we think that someone “needs” or wants coaching, it’s because they have done something wrong, or that they lack something. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you look at the most successful people in the world (success has many different definitions), most, if not all have a coach of mentor.

I am a huge sports fan, ALL of the top athletes have at least 1 coach, most athletes have several. Even teams employ several coaches, for example in hockey – teams will have a head coach, generally 2-3 assistant coaches, a skating coach, a goalie coach and often several more. Often athletes will enlist their own coaches as well. If the top athletes in the world that are focused on winning and becoming the best can (and do) enlist a coach (or even coaches), why can’t we?

It doesn’t matter your knowledge or performance level, you can be new to something or a seasoned expert – everyone can benefit from a coach or mentor. If you look at the top list of athletes on Forbes, how many do you think have a coach (or multiple coaches)? I’m willing to bet all of them!

Did you know that almost every CEO and company owner has a coach as well, many of them will use a mentor or have at least 1 life coach. They constantly try to get better at what they do!

Regardless of how good we are at something, we can always get better! I am a very strong believer in constantly trying to get better at everything I do. I think we should constantly try to become better, this applies to anything and everything. I believe we should try to get better with our business, with our relationships, with everything in our lives. Why not try to get better?

Are you unhappy with where you are and want to get better? Great, go out and find a good mentor or coach!
Are you happy with where you are and want to get better? Great, go out and find a good mentor or coach!

Regardless of how good (or not good) at something you are, why not just try to get better!