Classified Sites and Affiliate/CPA Offers

I recently had a write in question on our Contact Form so I figured I’d share with everyone.

The general question was – are classified sites such as craigslist, kijiji, gumtree, etc are ok traffic sources to use with affiliate/cpa offers.

The quick and easy answer is no. Unfortunately every affiliate network and offer that I know of does not allow this type of traffic to be used to promote and drive traffic to the offers. Just to be clear, if you do this – most networks will catch on and often you will not be credited for any leads generated by this and you could even have your account(s) banned for this. We highly recommend that you do try to find ways around this, instead look at other ways to drive traffic.

There are several other great free ways to drive traffic. Here are just a few different suggestions:

SEO – Build a site (or several sites) and optimize it for certain keywords.

Article Marketing – Write articles and post them on article repositories.

Video Marketing/Youtube Marketing – Create videos and post them on Youtube (and other sites as well).

Facebook Pages/Groups – Create your own Facebook Pages and Groups.

Twitter/Pinterest/Other Social Sites – Create a following on other types of Social Marketing

Offline Marketing – create posters or signs in your areas

Above is just a few different ways to make money with free traffic, if you use your imagination the sky can be the limit. As always, make sure you touch base with your AM at your affiliate network prior to launching any campaigns, make sure they understand what you plan on doing and approve it, this will not only build a relationship but decrease the chances of you having issues later on. You could also even ask your AM for other suggestions on how to promote their offers, don’t be scared to reach out, they are there to help you.