FTC Shuts Down MLM Giant MOBE

MOBE, which has been considered one of the large MLM companies has been shutdown by the FTC. Currently their website is down and many of the top earners have already jumped ship (can you blame them?)

Michael Williams and Michael Giannulis, who are considered two of MOBE’s top earners have informed their downline people that they are leaving due to this investigation. It was reported that last month Michael Williams and Michael Giannulis were celebrated for earning over $23 million dollars as Mobe Affiliates. They were each presented with a Rolax and platinum ring for their achievement.

On June 7, 2018 – the pair send this message to everyone in their downline.


This is a bitter sweet moment for BPO that we must inform you of.  As of now, we are no longer affiliated with MOBE at all.

As we move forward onto bigger and better things we want to let you know where we are with MOBE.

Any members that you were working with to sell them MOBE must stop immediately.

This also means that any sales that we have made that are not paid will have to stay that way.

The FTC has brought the hammer down upon MOBE and we have to cut ties with them 100%.

If we do not we could also find ourselves stuck in a sticky situation.

We know the loss of sales hurts, it hurts all of us as a whole, but we know that BPO is going in a great direction and is making this move to protect us.

Thank you for your understand in this moment and thank you for making BPO great.

(BPO refers to the company that Giannulis created)


MOBE’s social media team confirmed and stated the following:

Based on an announcement from the tech team last night, the FTC has stopped all MOBE websites with no warning.

From what myself and a few other top leaders have researched and analyzed – By law, Matt and the MOBE team are not allowed to reach out, or talk or post on social media.

We will continue to update as information becomes available. But it’s the weekend so we don’t expect to hear anything for the next few days.

Again, we are not in contact with any of the MOBE team and do not have definitive answers.

Nor do we have access to, or authorization to speak in [sic] behalf of MOBE.

You can read more about MOBE and their legal troubles here.


Personally, this is no surprise for me. Recently another large MLM company, Digital Altitude had some troubles with the FTC as well. I did look into these companies in the past to see how good their affiliate programs were. After looking around and talking to people, it was clear that they had systems built on “fluff”. To even become an affiliate, you had to purchase a subscription and pay a base fee monthly, from this alone I thought the whole idea was kind of sketchy, not many reputable companies would do this. Also, to earn commission for the high tier products, you also needed to purchase them.

Basically, how I saw it was there was not much if any value or information provided, you were paying for the right to earn money on those products. I feel bad for some of the people who invested hundreds, thousands and sometimes even more to get not much in return.

This is another huge reason why I personally will always choose affiliate marketing over MLM. Despite how you may feel about some affiliate offers, it is much more honest than most of these MLM companies.

If you have been involved with MLM, I strongly recommend moving to the affiliate marketing industry, there is tons of money to make and I feel it is much more stable then MLM.