Act As If..

In the movie The Boiler Room, Ben Affleck gives a motivational speech to a bunch of new stock brokers, and he states act as if.

Many people watch this (and clips of other movies) for motivation.

I have really adapted and fully believe in the “act as if” culture. Keep in mind, this is not the unethical or lying culture, this just has to do with confidence and how you present yourself.

When starting out making money online, most people just see themselves as individuals, but you are really much more, once you start affiliate/internet marketing, you are your own business whether you know it or not, whether you admit it or not.


Act as if you are running a real business and you’re not just an individual. Start thinking yourself as a business, start thinking bigger, you are small now, but you should want to eventually grow.

Act as if you are a professional, get a real domain and hosting for your company,, aren’t great email addresses if you are working with partners in business. You don’t need to have a massive amazing website, just something small and simple should be enough, but a professional email is a pre-requisite.

Act as if you are making money. If you give your phone number out to businesses that you are doing business work, make sure your answer service (if you have one) doesn’t sound rude or anything borderline inappropriate, and when you answer, don’t just say “what’s up”. Another big one, if you are going to get business cards, don’t get the free version from vista print (on the back I’m pretty sure it says “Free business cards provided by VistaPrint”, this just screams unprofessional)

Do you get the point? You are no longer an individual, you are your own business, what you say, do, etc will not only reflect on you but your business as well.

It’s time to step it up! You are in charge now.

Act as if!