Affiliate Marketing Is Like Growing a Plant

Don’t leave just yet, keep reading, I am going somewhere with this!


In affiliate marketing think of the roots as your knowledge, networking and what you learn day to day and week to week. Think of the plant as your outcome, this can be your leads, money, etc.

When you are launching campaigns, you should be learning and not just learning how to launch the campaigns but the basis behind it and just learning the process in general. This is in essence, growing your roots.

When you network with anyone in the industry – fellow affiliate marketers, your AM, traffic providers, merchants, tool owners, etc – you are growing your roots.

When doing these things, your outcome might not be visible immediately (you might not see immediate profit from doing this), but you should be setting yourself up better to succeed.

Hence why this is similar to growing a plant. Often when you plant a plant, you won’t see the roots and you won’t see any growth at first. But if you stick with it, take care of it (water it, etc) then you are growing it’s roots everyday. This is why it’s very important in affiliate marketing that you keep working on it, keep working on new campaigns, keep networking – even if you aren’t seeing immediate success, keep going, you are only setting yourself up for success.

Once you do enough of this, you should start eventually seeing results, mind you everyone will see results at different times, there is no formula to determine how long it will take. Don’t compare yourself with others, everyone moves at their own speed in this industry.

The long story short, even if you aren’t seeing immediate outcome, keep going, you are slowly building your roots, if you keep at it long enough and keep doing the right things, the results will come.