Google Chrome version 80 will block website push notifications

Google Chrome version 80 is scheduled to be released on February 4, 2020. One of the new features which will share some affiliate marketers is that Chrome version 80 will start to block push notifications.

Starting in version 80, Chrome will allow users to opt-in to push blocking, but some sites by default will automatically fall into this category and be blocked. For anyone sending push notifications, it’s strongly recommended to read Google’s best practices around push notifications.

There are currently 2 planned scenarios where Chrome will block push notifications. The first is for users who are constantly blocking push notifications, Chrome will automatically block push notifications for these types of users. The second scenario is Chrome will block push notifications that have a low opt-in rate.

Google also announced they will issue some type of penalties against websites that use push notifications for “deceptive purposes”. While Google still needs to fully clarify what this means.

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