affLIFT Affiliate Marketing Forum

It feels like only yesterday that I joined the most hyped up new affiliate marketing forum called affLIFT. The forum is owned and run by Luke Kling, who almost every knows is an affiliate marketing genius! When I first joined affLIFT, I was kind of skeptical. I’ve seen my fair share of affiliate marketing forums come and go over the years, only a few stick around for the long haul. I did however have faith that Luke could pull it off.

Not only did Luke pull it off, he exceeded all expectations and managed to dramatically grow this “new” forum into a giant community. As of today, the forum has over 19000 members and I’m going to estimate that soon they will cross the 20000 mark. The forum is just over a year old. Let that sink in for a moment, nearly 20000 members in just over a year – that’s just insane.

One of my favorite things about affLIFT is there are no ego’s. Some of these affiliate marketing forums, Facebook groups and other communities have members that think they need to act a certain role for some reason, at affLIFT everyone is treated equal and respected. There is no bashing or egos, it’s all about positivity, community and helping each other.


Who is affLIFT for and should YOU join affLIFT?

This is an interesting question, but often asked. Below is a list of people that typically join affLIFT and who affLIFT is targeted towards.

  • Anyone interested in affiliate marketing
  • Anyone who is at any stage in the affiliate marketing journey from someone who hasn’t launched a single campaign all the way to people who are super affiliates.
  • Anyone who wants to increase their income
  • Anyone who wants a competitive advantage
  • Anyone who wants access to a like-minded community to bounce ideas off of and to learn
  • Anyone who is interested in learning more
  • Anyone who wants to grow their businesses or themselves
  • Anyone who wants to network with other successful affiliates and other key industry members

The list could go on forever, but these are the key people that will benefit from affLIFT.


Here’s just some of the features that affLIFT uses that will help make you a better affiliate.

  • Exclusive Affiliate Marketing Guides – Get access to top notch guides geared towards the key aspects of affiliate marketing. These guides will cover it all, from picking an offer and traffic source to tracking and optimizing your campaigns.
  • Case Studies – Learn from everyone else’s success and mistakes! See what’s really working in affiliate marketing right now and learn how the pro’s take a campaign and optimize it for success and optimal performance.
  • Affiliate Campaign Follow Alongs – See what other affLIFT members are working on. See the process that they are following and watch as they learn along the way.
  • Landing Page Examples – see real life landing pages that are in use right now (no need for spy tools!) See how these landing pages are created and optimized.
  • Tracking Help for Affiliates – Learn about what tracking options are available and learn how to set them up as effortlessly as possible. No more struggling.
  • Campaign Optimization – This is one of the toughest, but most important parts of affiliate marketing. If you aren’t optimizing, chances are you aren’t making money or you’re just leaving money on the table.


The affiliate marketing forum at affLIFT already has over 2000 threads! With over 24000 posts/replies.

I have a very strong feeling that affLIFT will outlast many of the other affiliate marketing forums that have been around for much longer. The forum is extremely active and is extremely current.