Scheduling Posts in WordPress for the Future

If you have a blog or use WordPress as your CMS for your website, a very important feature that several people either don’t know or just simply don’t use is the ability to schedule new posts. For example, new years is coming up very soon. If I wanted to have a Happy New Years post come out right at midnight, who wants to sit there and just wait for the exact time to make the post? Why not just write it now, and schedule it to post at a specific time?

The other great time to do this is if you are in a great writing mood and write several new posts at once, you typically don’t want to just post them all at once, you often want to slowly release them and post 1-2 a day and slowly release them into the public.

Anyways, it is fairly easy to schedule posts in WordPress


As you normally would, click on Add New under Posts



On the right beside your post, it should show Public: Immediately, click on Edit


Select the date and time you want to public the post and click on OK


Once you click on OK, confirm it is the right date and time. The button that was Publish before should now be Schedule. Once you write your post and finish, click on Schedule and it will schedule your post to publish at the time you specified.



It’s that simple!