The Easiest Way to Create Landing Pages

Landing pages can be very intimidating when starting out, and even to those how have been building them for a while.

AffPlaybook has an awesome tool set called AffRobot. One of the awesome tools is called LP Builder Bot. This is the easiest way I’ve ever seen to build landing pages. It is very similar to a WYSIWYG editor, all you do is click on text and then you can modify it, you can change the text, change the color, make it bold, etc.

Here’s a quick sample, here’s a basic landing page


All I did was click on the first line of “Awesome Benefit”, the WYSIWYG editor pops up and we can easily modify it.


And after we click on Update, it’s automatically updated. It doesn’t get much easier than this.


They currently have 10 templates, but are constantly updating them. Each one is fully modifiable and easy to edit.


On top of the 10 easy to modify templates, they even have 20 pre-build landing pages for specific niches. They are also constantly updating and adding more of these, here is the current list.


Did I mention that all of these have been testing and they need to meet a certain CTR and conversion rate before being added to the list. This means all the landing pages you see here work. If you do any spying, you will likely see these landing pages.

This tool is free to anyone with an AffPlaybook membership, in addition, you also get access to all of the AffRobot tools and all the training material of AffPlaybook. There are no restrictions, you can create as many landing pages as you want. Once completed you download them and they belong to you. Creating landing pages has never been as easy as this.