Pops Guide – We Guarantee this Guide Will Get You Your First Affiliate Marketing Conversion!

affLIFT has released the well anticipated Pops Guide and it truly does not disappoint! Pop traffic has been an amazing traffic source that is very difficult to learn and master. It’s also a very cheap traffic source so once you do learn it, it’s very cheap to work with!

affLIFT has now done something I’ve never seen before. They have released a new guide called Pops Guide. This guide has 2 parts – the first is a case study, showing step by step on how to sign up to all the required companies – PopAds for traffic with a min $10 deposit, Bemob for tracking which has a free plan and MOBIPIUM, which is a great newbie friendly network to monetize your traffic. All in, your first campaign will cost you $10 to start! Isn’t that just crazy?

We personally guarantee if you follow this guide step by step, you will make your first conversion!

Here’s a screenshot of the second day of my campaign that I launched following the exact methods and details outlined in this guide, as you can see I am already profitable with minimal money invested! There is still a ton of optimization to be done as well!

This amazing Pops Guide is separated into 14 extremely simple but powerful steps. To start you will learn how to sign up to PopAds, Bemob and MOBIPIUM. Then you will learn how to configure and setup your tracker, get your affiliate links, create your campaign, launch your campaign, review the results of your campaign, analyze the data, optimize your campaign, make the adjustments and make profit!

Every single step is outlined in extreme detail with screenshots.

If you’re struggling at affiliate marketing or struggling to get conversions, this is exactly what you NEED!

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