Peerfly is Moving to TUNE – What Does this Mean for YOU?

Peerfly has always been one of those networks that has their eye on the past, present and future.

They watch the past to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes as they have or other networks have made. They keep tabs on the present and run a kick-ass network with amazing offers and people. They look towards the future to see trends and how they came improve.

Peerfly recently announced they are moving to TUNE to satisfy their needs as an affiliate network. This was a strategic move to free away internal people from managing their platform and working on the issues behind the scenes to bring more support for affiliates.

If you are currently a member of Peerfly, what can you expect? To me, it looks like a seamless transition from their current platform to the new. The only things you will need to do is reset your password to login to the new platform and update your tracking links. Old links should continue to work with the exception of custom tracking domains, but it’s always recommended to update to the newest links.

If you are someone who’s looking to join Peerfly, nothing has changed for you. Just go through the same regular application process.

We are really excited about this move. To us, this shows how Peerfly is aligned with the times and sees the value of using strategic partners such as TUNE opposed to doing everything in house. This should only benefit affiliates!