Do You Need CPA Marketing Coaching?

Who really needs a coach anyways? Why would you need CPA Marketing Coaching?

It’s kind of ironic, when someone starts something new (anything new, just not CPA Marketing), the last thing they likely thing about is training.

For example – let’s look at golf. I had a friend who started to take up golfing. He bought a modest golf club set, it was a reasonable set, nothing special. He started golfing and he caught “the bug” and was really interested in it and wanted to get better. Whenever he made a swing that didn’t get him the results he wanted, it was always the clubs fault. Eventually after playing enough, he decided he wanted to get better and he figured the best way to do this was to buy a better set of golf clubs. He bought the new set of golf clubs and guess what, his results didn’t get any better. From there he decided that it’s because he didn’t have golf shoes, from there he went out and bought an expensive pair of golf shoes. Again, this results didn’t get any better.

For this birthday, his girlfriend bought him a set of lessons from a golf training (a golf coach). He was skeptical and didn’t like the idea, but eventually he gave in and started to get his lessons. After the set of lessons were completed, he noticed he was much better, his swing was better, his score was dropping and he was started to make more of those close shots that he often missed.

I look back to this story and kind of chuckle, I’m sure many others do, but many of us fall into this trap where we think we can improve by buying the better or the best tools available. In the end if we don’t know how to use them properly, then we are actually wasting money on those awesome things.

CPA Marketing is very similar. There are tons of awesome tools available, but in reality if you aren’t a decent online marketing, then you won’t get the most out of the tools. This is where training and coaching comes in.

In our opinion, instead of buying all these fancy tools, invest into a coach and learn how to excel at your craft first. Sure, CPA Marketing Coaching might not sound awesome like some of those crazy spy tools out there. I am willing to bet with the right CPA Marketing Coach, you could learn to make a ton more money than you could by using those spy tools (or most other tools for that matter).

Where to look for a CPA Marketing Coach? Personally, we prefer Aff Playbook. Since 2009, Aff Playbook has helped thousands of people new to CPA Marketing and many have become full time successful online marketers. Aff Playbook has been around longer than almost any other training program, that’s got to tell you something.