Must See Webinar From Jason Akatiff – Successful Facebook Ads Campaigns

** Sorry, the webinar listed below is no longer available **

Have you heard of Jason Akatiff before? He is extremely well known in the Affiliate Marketing industry. That’s most likely because he’s done it all!

Jason started his affiliate/internet marketing path as an affiliate, just like me and you. He knows the struggles that you are going through right now and he has not only gotten past them, but learned a great deal from it! Not only did he learn from them, he made a TON of money from this industry as well.

After 4.5 years of being a full time affiliate, Jason eventually went on to build a top notch affiliate network called A4D (Ads4Dough). A4D is widely known as being one of the top affiliate marketing networks. One of the great things about A4D is they have experience as affiliates so their affiliate managers (AM’s) are very knowledgeable and good at helping people.

Yesterday (Tuesday January 26, 2016), Jason hosted a webinar for select individuals. He has been nice enough to open the replay up for everyone!

Some of the key topics that Jason talks about and demonstrates in this Must See Webinar is:

  • Why CTR matters so much and how it alone can make you a successful Facebook Ad Buyer.
  • What is the biggest difference between new and expert advertising buyers.
  • How you can learn to build muscle memory in these skill sets without spending a lot of real world money.

If you are interested in viewing the replay of this Webinar, please visit Jason’s website

We seriously hope you take the time out of your busy day to watch this, even if you don’t have interest in Facebook Ads, many of the topics which Jason covers is universal and is good to know when working with any traffic source. Remember, Jason was exactly where you are right now, he knows what it takes to succeed and move forward!