Make Money with Pagez and Facebook



Luke from Peerfly has done it again! If you’ve read Luke’s blog or following him on Facebook, you’ll know he is very knowledgable and keen on using Facebook to make money.

He has several tools available already, such as FPTraffic. Now he has a brand new tool called Pagez.

Facebook makes it easy to build and grow an audience, but often the difficult part is turning the audience (likes, follows, etc) into income. This is where Pagez comes into play. With Pagez you create articles that are hosted on the Pagez website (you don’t even need your own website) and they automatically inserts ads into the articles.

The ads that Pagez inserts are a combination of Facebook Audience Network and Google Adsense depending on the platform that the visitor is coming from (mobile gets to view the Facebook Audience Network ads, desktop gets to view the Google Adsense ads).

To use the Google Adsense portion, you need to have your own Google Adsense account, which is fairly easy to get if you don’t already have an account. Once you join Pagez, they have a tutorial to walk through how to configure your account and setup your own account with the Facebook Audience Network.

Pagez has been in Beta testing for a while now and we have been testing it out and have been happy with the results. So far, yesterday, in our of our pages/channels we saw a nice $8.67 RPM.

pagez rpm

Pagez has also reported that they often see Facebook pages and audiences over 1,000,000 reaching $3+ RPM per day and $100+ earnings per day.

If you have an audience on Facebook (Facebook page, Facebook group, or even a large following), and you want to monetize your audience, try Pagez out.

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