How to Make Money Online

There are literally hundreds, maybe even thousands of ways to make money online. Many are legitimate, unfortunately some aren’t so legitimate.

I’m not even going to discuss any illegitimate ways as it’s just not worth the time.

One of the most popular and easiest ways to make money online is Affiliate Marketing. This is also my favorite way to make money.

Before you can start Affiliate Marketing and making money online, you need to first understand it. So, what is affiliate marketing?

To simplify Affiliate Marketing, I’ll give you a scenario. Pretend your Aunt Martha decides to open up a shoe shop. Since she just started, she needs to figure out a way to get customers, she decides she will use affiliates to help get people to visit and buy shoes. You sign up to be an affiliate. Now, as an affiliate, it is your job to get people who are interested in shoes to visit your Aunt Martha’s shoe shop!

Now, how do you do this? You might go out and post posters on billboards, take out an ad in the paper, tell people by word of mouth. Now here’s the kicker, when someone who you refer to your Aunt Martha’s shoe shop visits the store and buys a pair of shoes – you get paid!

Sounds pretty simple? It is! Now, let’s just take a quick moment to explain this a little further. Keep in mind, the example above is for a brick and mortar business, this was used strictly as an example. We will be focusing in making money online so this will be all done online!

In our example:

  • Aunt Martha and her shoe shop are considered the MERCHANT
  • You in this example were the AFFILIATE
  • The people who you referred to Aunt Martha’s shop were called TRAFFIC
  • The posters you posted, the ad in the paper, word of mouth, this is all called TRAFFIC SOURCES
  • The money you earned by referring people to Aunt Martha’s shoe shop is called COMMISSION


So, now that we have the basics, there is a little bit more we need to add. Affiliate Networks are also a very important part of the equation. In the example above, Auth Martha’s shoe shop was our merchant. In our example above, think of the entire shopping mall as an AFFILIATE NETWORK. The value and importance of Affiliate Networks is when we sign up for them, they provide us access to hundreds (sometimes even thousands of merchants). We sign up to 1 affiliate network and have access to work with hundreds of different companies and offers! (2 Examples of Great Affiliate Networks are: Maxbounty and Peerfly). You will also be provided an AFFILIATE LINK for each different offer that you promote, this link will be unique to you and unique for the offer. This link is used to track and ensure you get credit for when someone uses your link.

Let’s quickly talk about an affiliate offer (often also called CPA offer). In our example above, we directed people to Aunt Martha’s shoe shop, if someone purchased something, we got paid. The AFFILIATE OFFER in this case would be Shoe’s from Auth Martha’s shoe shop. There are hundreds of different affiliate offers, some are much more easier to make money off of than others. Here are some quick examples:

  • Email Submit Offer – whenever someone fills our their email address when they have used your affiliate/referral link, you get paid! These offers normally pay $1-$2 per email address collected. (1 email address per visitor)
  • Travelling Offer – whenever someone books a vacation through this website, if they have used your affiliate/referral link, you get paid! This type of offer will normally pay $10-20 per person who books a vacation.
  • Product Offer – In this case, the product is a Military Grade Flash Light, if someone uses your affiliate/referral link and purchases the product, you get paid! This type of offer will normally pay $40-60 per sale!
  • Loan Offer – In this case, if someone fills out a loan application and gets approved when using your affiliate/referral link, you get paid! This type of offer will normally pay $50-100 per approved loan!

These are just 4 examples of hundreds of different types of offers. Do you think you could talk someone into giving out their email address? If you can, then you can make money online! Just think of the possibilities!


So, we have the basics. Once we apply and get accepted to an Affiliate Network, we have a way to make money and get paid. We have our unique and special link to give to people so we can credit for referring them. How do we start sending people to our special links and start making money? We now need to get TRAFFIC from a TRAFFIC SOURCE. If you remember our example above, we used posters, an ad in the paper and word of mouth as our TRAFFIC SOURCES, our TRAFFIC was the people who saw these and walked into Auth Martha’s shoe shop (MERCHANT).

The GREAT NEWS about the internet is there is a ridiculous amount of people that use it and a ridiculous amount of ways to find ways to get these people to visit our links (remember, when someone clicks on our links, if they complete our offer, we get paid! YAY!)

The fastest and easiest ways to get people to visit our links are paid traffic (this is our TRAFFIC SOURCE), some examples of traffic sources:

There are also free ways to get people to visit our offer links, with this being said, often free traffic takes much longer to see the same results, we see with paid traffic and we will not see nearly as much volume. However, with this being said, here are a few ways that people use to send free traffic to offers. Free traffic is actually much more time consuming and difficult to make money.

  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Optimize for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Video Marketing (think Youtube Videos)


This is the basics of affiliate marketing (the best and easiest way to make money online). I know this might be information overload if you are just reading this or figuring this our for the first time, but take some time to take it in.

If you still find you are stuck, there are training programs out there to help you! (Yes, people will train people on how to make money online – what has the world come to? Crazy!)

The best (in my opinion) Affiliate Marketing Training program is Aff Playbook. It has been online since 2009. It has helped hundreds (maybe thousands) of people learn how to make money online. They currently have over 4000 active members and they are growing daily.


After reading this, we hope you have a basic understanding of the following:

  • What an AFFILIATE is.
  • What a MERCHANT is.


We hope this has helped get a basic understanding of what affiliate marketing is and how you can use it to make money online. Stay tuned for future posts as we hope to continue to help with your journey on making money online, we will be working on more guides to start to help take you to the next step. Make sure you sign up to our email list below so you receive notifications for when this is available!