Great Googily Moogily! Only a Week Before Christmas! And What This Means for YOU!

I couldn’t believe it when I checked my calendar and found out that it’s only a week away from Christmas. That means only two weeks away from turning the page on 2019 and starting a brand new year! Hello 2020, here we come!

As the year wraps up, we tend to reflect on how the year went. We’ll get to that another day. What’s on my mind right now is Christmas profits! Damn it’s been a great year to make money online for the 2019 Christmas season! Online spending for November and December combined for this year it expected to hit $143.7 billion (up over 14% from the previous year).

So what does this all mean? It means people are spending more and more money online. This should show that it is only getting easier and easier to cash in and make some profits yourself!

Now, I want you to start thinking and being honest with yourself. When you read that $143.7 billion being spent online in 2 months – how much have you made online in the past 2 months? This isn’t a shot at anyone and not meant to put anyone down.

Wouldn’t you just love to get your piece of the $143.7 billion pie out there? Even a tiny fraction of that is pretty huge!

On a serious note, if you’re not making progress and making money or enough money online. That’s fine, but just make sure you are honest with yourself – are you where you want to be with your online earnings? Chances are, you like most other people would be happy to be making more and that’s good! You need that drive and that motivation to succeed!

I remember when I started and it just plain sucked when hearing about how many others were making money and how much money they were making and here I was struggling. I got so down on myself and some days it got so frustrating. I would spend hours trying to learn and building campaigns and a fair bit of money funding campaigns and often to just find loser after loser.

Day by day went by, week by week. It was getting harder and harder to stay motivation and keep pushing through! Eventually I found my way, after some time and money. If I can find my way, you can find yours too! Just don’t give up!

One thing that I’ve learned over time is it’s hard to do this alone. Often it was just a little piece here and little piece there that was missing, only if I had the experience I have now, I would have found success so much sooner and saved myself a ton of time and time of money! It’s a good lesson, but hindsight it always 20/20.

Now what can you learn from this? It’s easier and cheaper to learn if you have help! Think about it – this is true for anything and everything! This is why athletes, musicians, artists, etc all have coaches and people to learn from! Even the top in the world have coaches! The top hockey players, the top golf players, the top musicians, all of them all have coaches and trainers! Imagine that – if people are the best in the world, they still have someone helping them to get better! If these people who are on the top of their game and better than everyone else can benefit from coaching. Can you just imagine how much someone who’s struggling could benefit?

I’ll share you a story from when I was younger. My neighbor, let’s call him Mike wanted to learn how to play guitar. Mike didn’t want to spend much money on it because he was “cheap” as he would call it. So Mike spent months try to learn himself. Mike bought several training books and guide books on learning guitar. Mike even bought a second more expensive guitar as he thought his original one was causing him the challenges. Mike never got better, or at least much better, he didn’t get to the level that he wanted to be. After a few months Mike was ready to give up and almost did. Mike was frustrated, although he was “cheap” he spend hundreds of dollars on books to teach himself, but they just didn’t work for him. His parents were very supportive and for his birthday, bought him 6 months worth of guitar lessons with an expert teacher. Within the first month, Mike learned more than he learned every month combined before that! By the end of the 6 months, he wasn’t amazing but you could actually listen to him play! And guess what, even though he was cheap and learned a ton, he decided it was more than worth it to keep his teacher around and paid to continue his training. Mike never became a rock star, but he can play some good and catchy tunes!

What can we take away from Mike’s story? It pays to invest in coaching, it pays to invest in training, it pays to invest in yourself. If Mike wasn’t so “cheap” (remember, these are his words, not mine), he would have likely bought guitar lessons much earlier. If he did this, he would have learned much earlier, he would have actually saved money as he wouldn’t have bought those self training books and the second guitar. I’m sure most of us have had similar experiences in the past, sometimes it just pays to invest the money early on instead of waiting.

Now just think, are you in a position where you are struggling or maybe just not doing as well as you probably could? Do you think you could do better with an expert in your corner helping train and coach you along the way?

This is where affLIFT comes in. When affLIFT launched, they had one thing in mind – to help people learn affiliate marketing and make more money. To this date, they have had hundreds of success stories. They have become the fastest growing affiliate marketing forum and continue to have steady growth. For just $20 a month you can get full access to all the information and tools available at affLIFT. To put that into perspective, that’s less than the cost of a cup of coffee each day.

affLIFT was founded by Luke Kling, who is well known in the affiliate marketing industry. He has years of experience as an affiliate, account manager at a top tier cpa network and has worked with traffic providers, merchants, and many others in the affiliate marketing industry. Luke shows us from his own first hand experience real life case studies and scenarios. He gives advice based off of his years of experience.

Now, think of what it costs for coaching for sports, music or any other industry. Even think for tutoring high school kids the cost. Normally this is hundreds of dollars per month, if not thousands. I just searched for the price of golf lessons and it looks like the cheapest rates are $30-40 a session and go all the way up to $140-150 per session. The crazy thing with that is, how many people are actually going to earn money by playing golf? Not many, only the top rated in the world!

Are you willing to invest $20 a month on yourself to help your business grow? This is an investment into yourself, your business and your future.

Let’s look at this logically. What’s the worst that can happen? If you spend $20 for a month and don’t feel you’re getting value, you can easily stop and not pay a single more dime. Keep in mind, most people that join affLIFT find they get way more than $20 worth of value each month (but that’s another story). Will the $20 put you in financial distress? I certainly hope not!

Now, let’s look at this the other way. If you invest $20 into yourself for a month and you start to make $100, $200, $500+ wouldn’t you wish you had joined much earlier? If you started making that much now, just think if you joined 6 months ago how much you would be making now? $1000+? $2000+?

Are you ready to put this small investment into yourself that has (in our opinion) no downside but the potential for massive potential?




or no – don’t join affLIFT, I’d rather spend $0.70 a day on something else