Full Case Study Revealed – PropellerAds and Maxbounty!

The one thing that I keep seeing people asking for is up to date case studies! I have mixed feelings on case studies. The whole idea for a case study is to see the process of creating a campaign to get to understand the process.

Unfortunately what often happens is people just tend to copy the campaign and then get upset if it doesn’t convert well. The thing is, if people people are doing this, all the bid prices will jump, the visitors will get “banner blindness” and it will just not help anyone.

Again, the whole point of case studies is to understand the process of putting together a campaign, then apply that process to your own campaigns.


Here is a cool case study using PropellerAds and Maxbounty, Originally no tracker was used, then eventually Bemob was introduced as the tracker.

See step by step on this campaign starting off not so well to becoming profitable.