Easy Passive Income with Monetizer and Push notifications

Monetizer just released their external push collection script! With this, you can silently collect push subscribers on any of your landing pages or websites and make 80% revshare for the life of that subscriber. This is by far the largest % of revshare for this type of traffic we have seen to date.

Here’s how it works:

1. Add a domain to Monetizer and wait for SSL to activate (can take 12 hours) or use an existing domain you’ve added already.
2. On https://app.monetizer.com/#pushCollection click ‘Next Step’ after choosing the domain you want to use.
3: Download the sw.js file and add this to the root of your server where your landing pages are hosted
4: Click ‘Next Step’ and copy and paste the javascript code into the <head> of your landing page.


Read the full detailed instructions here!