Do You Have a Website or Blog and Want to Make Money?

If you have a website or blog, did you know that you can make money off of it? Several people who do, don’t even know this! It is also fairly easy!

Keep in mind, we recommend that you have your blog or website online for at least 1-3 months before trying to make money off of it. This will give you time to grow your user base and establish trust with your visitors.

To make money, we need to host ads(advertising), on our website or blog, often people don’t know who to talk to for this. This can get very easy once you get the hang of what you’re doing. We recommend that you work with an affiliate network such as Maxbounty or Peerfly. You will need to apply to these affiliate networks, due to the financial involvement, they will just do a quick check on your website and often have a quick conversation with you. The reason for this is they just want to determine how you plan on working with them to make money, I recommend you just explain to them that you are new to this, but have your website(s) and/or blog(s) and you plan on hosting banner ads to direct traffic to their offers (if that doesn’t make sense right now, it should by the time you are done reading this).

To Apply to Maxbounty, follow these steps:

Visit through this link





After this, you just need to fill out your application, don’t get worried, just be honest.


To Sign up with Peerfly

Click on this link for Peerfly



After this, you just need to fill out your application, don’t get worried, just be honest.


For both/either network – Once you go through the approval process and you get approved, you will now have access to several offers. Offers will contain a special link to their website, the link is associated with your account. Each offer has a different dollar value, this dollar value is what you will earn if someone uses your special link and completes the offer. Completing the offer can mean many things, it can be a little as the visitor filling out their email address, or as complex as someone purchasing something.

More importantly, you will be assigned an affiliate (account) manager, often also called an AM for short. This person is your contact at the affiliate network, they are there to ask questions and help you. I’d recommend reaching out to them as soon as you get approved and show them your website(s) and/or blog(s) and ask them for recommendations on which offers to use.


Back to offers – To give a better example, let’s look a specific offer, this one is called Minecraft, you’ve probably heard of minecraft, it’s a very popular game. In the screenshot below, I’ve attempted to highlight the important details. Here is an example on Maxbounty, after you login you will have access to their offers, for this one, I picked a popular one called Minecraft.

The first is the campaign name (Minecraft – US)

Preview Landing page – click here (if you click on click here, you can see what the offers page looks like, this is what the visitor will see when they click on your link for that offer)

Your Status – in this case, it’s APPROVED, some might require you to contact your AM for approval.

Countries Allowed – in this case it is UNITED STATES, if someone from outside the united states clicks on your link for this offer, they will be redirected to a different offer that is valid for them.

Rate Description – this is what the visitor needs to do for you to get credited for a conversion, in this case it states “completed download and install”, this means that the visitor will need to download Minecraft from your link and install it.

CPA Rate – this is the amount that you will get credited for if someone completes the previous action, in this case it’s $2.00. So if someone clicks on your link for this offer and downloads and installs Minecraft, you will be credited $2.00.

Allowed traffic types – There are several different ways to send traffic to offers, if you own a blog or website (or both), we will most likely be using BANNERS, so we need to ensure the offer(s) that we are interested in allow BANNERS, if you have questions around this, you should speak with your AM to clarify.



Often these offers actually have pre-made banners you can use. For Maxbounty, to access these, once you pull up the offer, scroll down to the bottom of the page and for Select Creative Type, change it to Banners and they should appear. For this specific offer, we have 3 different banners to chose from, some offers have more, some have less, some have none.


To add a banner to your website, click on get tracking code and a new window should appear with the code, you will need to add the code to your blog/website. Once you do this, when people visit your blog or website, they will see the banner, if someone clicks on it and completes the offer, you will get credited (and make money). If you have problems with this, again – reach out to your AM, they are there to help!



I hope this didn’t scare you. Once you get used to it, it’s fairly easy and depending on the number of visitors your website/blog gets and the niche it is in, you can make a fair bit of money off of it.