Best PPV Ad Networks to use in 2020?

Looking for the Best PPV Ad Networks to use in 2020?

Here’s 6 of the most popular PPV Ad Networks and our review of each of them.

Propel Media (Formally named Trafficvance) – is at the top of our list. For USA traffic they are king! For international traffic, it’s still a work in progress. The quality is very high and the cost per view is reasonable. If you have the $1000 minimum deposit, we strongly recommend you use Propel Media.

RTX Platform (Formally named 50onred) – a slight second. With a strong amount of traffic for the US and international, RTX Platform has become a very popular and favorite “go to” network for many affiliate marketers. We really like their In-Text ads as it’s very untapped and very easy to find profitable campaigns. The cost per view can be slightly higher than other networks such as Propel Media. The quality of the traffic is normally solid. Due to this they come in a slight second by a very small margin.

Rapsio – Unfortunately these guys closed their doors on June 30, 2019. It’s too bad, we felt they were making some progress.

Mediatraffic – The glory days of Mediatraffic are over. We don’t use them anymore, we find their traffic has lost the quality over the years. Use at your own risk.

Clicksor – Some like Clicksor, we unfortunately aren’t a fan, we find the quality low and not worth the investment. Use at your own risk.

DirectCPV – We are really not a fan of DirectCPV. We’ve been burnt by them before. We only list them to be transparent and to try to help show everyone all the players out there. Again – use at your own risk.

Honorable mention (Lead Impact, Adonnetwork) – Unfortunately both Lead Impact and Adonnetwork have both closed their doors and are no longer serving traffic. While we can argue over the quality and how “good” or “bad” they were, years ago both were a powerhouse. Unfortunately over the years the quality and quantity dropped and both closed. That’s ok, there are still many other great ones to chose from (eg. Propel Media and RTX Platform)

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