Best Landing Pages for PPV

One of the most difficult and complicated task that many people have is creating landing pages, whether it be for PPC, PPV, or any other traffic sources.

Landing pages are very important and can make or break a campaign. They can take you from losing money to having a massive ROI. It might be hard to digest and understand why, to put it in simple terms, they are a pre-sell page.

Imagine walking into a store because you are interested in an item, let’s say you are looking for a mattress. If you walked into a mattress store, if there are no staff on hand to talk to or discuss anything with you, what are the chances you buy a mattress that day? Very minimal. Now let’s look at it with a salesman (or salesperson). If you walk into a mattress store, you are immediately greeted in a friendly tone and someone is there to answer any question you have, help you compare between different models and help push the sale along. You can bet sales would drastically increase, if this wasn’t true these stores wouldn’t have salespeople.

In this example, the salesperson is your landing page. It’s in the middle of the traffic source and the merchants page to help convince the visitor why they need the product which you are promoting.

Now that we know the importance of landing pages, let’s look at some proven landing pages that have worked well and given a good CTR and helped drive up conversions and ROI.

Here are some examples landing pages that have worked well for PPV (and other traffic sources)






While all of these landing pages work well, they even took less than 5 minutes and no technical skills to create.

All of them were created using the landing page generator tool at Aff Playbook.