affLIFT – A New Community Devoted to Helping Newcomers Find Success!

Luke from Peerfly has done it again! If you’ve been involved in affiliate marketing, you’ve likely heard of Luke. He is very well known and trusted in affiliate marketing circles. I personally consider him an affiliate marketing legend (although, I’m sure he would play this down as he is very modest.)

Currently, he is the Director of marketing for Peerfly. At the same time he is an established affiliate and also has several tools and products under his belt (such as FPTraffic, Scrayp and more)

Now, let me stop for a second and ask you a few questions:

  • Are you new to affiliate marketing?
  • Have you struggled making money with affiliate marketing?
  • Do you want to increase your income?
  • Do you feel like there is a secret that you just aren’t getting?
  • Do you feel like you need or want help?
  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Do you feel that affiliate marketing is hard?
  • Are you having problems making any money?
  • Are you having problems turning a profit?

If any of the above are true, keep reading, we’ve got you covered!

Luke’s most recent project is called affLIFT. This is an affiliate marketing community aimed to help newbies take the next steps and learn and become successful in affiliate marketing.

We all know there are many affiliate marketing communities(forums) out there. What is different with affLIFT?

Aside that it’s run by Luke, affLIFT is designed specifically to help newbies who are new or struggling to find success in affiliate marketing. They welcome everyone, but they are specialize in helping people new to affiliate marketing and people struggling.

affLIFT is a private community, this is actually a great thing! I don’t know if you’ve noticed this trend, but I have. Almost all the public forums and other venues (such as Facebook groups) have too many people that are “all talk”. Unfortunately it can be hard to tell if someone is real or fake. With private communities, the content and information is much better. You get the people who are serious about making money and who want to network, not just people who want to talk.

Because affLIFT is targeted to newbies, the price is much lower than any other paid forum. Currently the monthly price is only $20 a month, which is less than $1 a day. There are also other options available which can help drive this cost down. You can even get a trial to see if you like it! (Check it out here)

Here are just some of the great things you will find inside this special community:

  • Affiliate Marketing Guides – Up to date guides that have been created and tested this year and have proven to be successful!
  • Case Studies – Recent case studies showing the creation of campaigns from start to finish.
  • Follow Alongs – See other forum members test and tweak there campaigns to find success.
  • Landing Page Examples – See real life landing pages that convert, take the mystery out of it!
  • Tracking Help – Tracking can be difficult to setup, talk to the experts and get the help you need.
  • Campaign Optimization – Launching campaigns is one thing, but optimizing to either make them profitable or increasing the profit can be difficult.

affLIFT launched in May 2018 and I’ve been a member for a while now. The community has seen large growth since then. Just recently the community has reached and surpassed 5000 members. That alone should tell you how popular the forum is.

Here are some of the key traffic sources that affLIFT covers:

  • PPV – This is a very popular traffic choice, likely due to the low cost per view. There is a large amount of discussion around PPV traffic.
  • PPC/Search – A great way to promote affiliate offers and has been around for ages!
  • Social – A HUGE amount of traffic can come from Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Native – One of the newer types of traffic sources that is becoming more and more popular with affiliates.
  • Push Notifications – Another new type of traffic sources, push traffic, get on it before everyone else does!
  • Banners – Another aged but popular and effective way to drive traffic.
  • Email – Everyone preaches “build a list”, but how do you do it and what do you do after you build the list?
  • Incentive – Often seen as difficult and impossible to figure it, affLIFT has the answers.

Are you still not sure what you’re getting yourself into? Take a virtual tour of affLIFT, watch the video below and learn exactly what’s inside.

Going in on something alone is tough. Trust me, I’ve done it many times for many different things. Now, whenever I get a chance, I seek help. Think about learning how to play guitar, do you think you’re going to learn faster (and learn the right way) if you do it alone or if you hire a teacher or go to music lessons? If you want to learn how to play tennis, are you going to learn faster by yourself or with a tennis coach or class?

The point I am getting at is the fastest way to learn and succeed is to get help. affLIFT is here to help.

Another awesome feature which many forums and communities do not have is a 24/7 live chat! Need help or want to chat at any time of day or night? affLIFT has got you covered. You can chat with other members and anyone logged in!



One last question – How can you go wrong? With all of this available at your fingertips, why would you not want to be a member of this amazing community? I can’t think of a single reason. What about you?



Still undecided? That’s ok.

Why not take a look at the public section on affLIFT? That’s right – affLIFT has a public section!

It’s much smaller than the rest of the community, but it’s a good place to start. Check the public section and see if it’s something that interests you. If you like the public section, you will LOVE the rest of the forum!