50onRed Intext Ads – A Hidden Gem

Ever since I tried 50onRed I have been very impressed with them. I like how they have reasonably priced bids, international traffic and good quality traffic. For the longest time I only used their PPV/CPV traffic. Eventually I decided to try their InText ads and have been very impressed and have been using them since.

I find that InText at 50onRed isn’t used by many and is very unsaturated. It is also very easy to get conversions (I find it easier than the PPV/CPV traffic they have).

I highly recommend everyone gives it a try, it’s very easy to setup a campaign.


It’s very simple to build an InText campaign with 50onRed, first start by logging in.


Select InText from the options at the top of the page and click on New Campaign



Fill out all the required details, I typically put the Start date as today’s date and the end date to at least a year in the future. I set the timezone to my timezone.

For the country, it depends on where you want to target.


I don’t often change the OS Targeting.

For budget, you need to set a default bid (for US the min isĀ 0.05, for other countries it varies)

When I start a campaign I set the daily budget low ($10) to make sure everything starts ok, once everything looks ok, i’ll change it to a more reasonable number.

Total budget I normally just set to $99999


When starting I leave day parting alone. I will normally leave the frequency cap alone.


I normally do not use this conversion pixel, I normally use my own tracker.


After the campaign is created, you need to add creatives and keywords. I normally start by adding the creatives.


There are a few different options. I recommend testing, but 300×250 normally works best for me. (but still test!)


Make sure you read the Terms and conditions and agree to them.


Once you agree to the terms and conditions, you should see your ad. You should also test multiple ads and test different sizes as well. You should never only have 1 ad!


Now it’s time to add the keywords. I personally find with inText you need to go broad. Long tail doesn’t get enough traffic.



And all done, creating an InText campaign on 50onRed is pretty simple!