Leadimpact is DEAD, What Now?

You’ve probably heard by now that Leadimpact is closing (they are actually closed now) and will no longer be a PPV traffic provided.

The good news is there are many alternatives that not only meet, but exceed the price and quality of traffic that Leadimpact was providing.

Now, if you’re worried that PPV is dying, let us stop you right now. PPV is far from dead and people are still making tons of money from it! Recently there was an awesome success story on Aff Playbook about how someone who was just starting out had a huge $2000+ profit day with an insane ROI!

We strongly recommend RTXNetwork (formally called 50onred) for anyone that was using Leadimpact (and for anyone who wasn’t using Leadimpact). Their minimum deposit is $500USD and their traffic is higher quality than Leadimpact was. The other thing to note about RTXNetwork is aside from the quality of traffic, they have a good quantity of traffic from the USA and international countries as well.

Another option is Propel Media (formally called Trafficvance), their minimum deposit is $1000USD, but they are known for being more difficult to get into. Also they mostly focus on traffic from the USA, so if you are running international campaigns, you may want to reconsider another network such as RTXNetwork.

Whatever you do, do not give up. If you were using LeadImpact, don’t get frustrated, just move on to the next one! The good news is if you stick with either RTXNetwork of Propel Media, the traffic quality is much higher than Leadimpact so if you were running any successful campaigns, you should be able to make them more successful on these traffic platforms.

Also, I should mention, if you sign up today with RTXNetwork and make your initial deposit, you will get an extra $50 credit in your account!